"The Secret Tao" Promotional Update

Thank you to all our D.W. Kreger fans that received the free promotional version of “The Secret Tao.” Within a couple of days over 1000 of you loyal fans received a copy, complements of Dr. Kreger. I’m very excited about Dr. Kreger’s new book and he’s certainly excited to share it with you.

"The Secret Tao" - Promotional Offer

The eBook version of “The Secret Tao” by D.W. Kreger is now available as a free download on Amazon. Hurry... this promotional offer will not last long.

Feature Film "Seven Days to Kill" Acquired

We’ve just returned from Hollywood where William Baughman Publishing has acquired the rights to the film, “Seven Days to Kill.” The dramatic-action thriller stars Gary Louis Appel, Tommy Giavocchini and Kristi Ferrell. We’re very excited to be the digital distributor for this film. Look for a release date in late 2013.

"Being Vegetarian for Life"

Jennifer Stangs’ highly effective vegetarian lifestyle book, “Being Vegetarian for Life,” has just gone live in the Amazon bookstore. We’re very excited about this new book. Ms. Stang offers a practical and effective approach to a lifetime of healthy eating. Be sure to check it out and give us your thoughts on Amazon.